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GWRRA NY District Chapter -T

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Birthday's and Anniversaries

Birthdays For January
Jan. 3 Matt Lucero
Jan. 3 Nate Lucero
Jan. 12 Jim Thayer
Jan. 19 Shirley Beckler
Jan. 28 Chris Brown
Jan. 29 Howard Love
Birthdays For February
Feb. 9 Frank Beckler
Feb. 16 Pete Wingerter
Birthdays For March
Mar. 3 Jack Bisgrove
Mar. 18 Joan Bisgrove
Mar. 22 Janice Zamorski
Mar. 23 Bill Sweatman
Mar. 24 Jim Learned
Birthdays For April
Apr. 2  Mike Goldsworthy
Apr. 9 Davis Gibb
Apr. 10 Linda Clemens
Apr. 10 Dave Hartley
Apr. 12 Ginny Chiasson
Apr. 15 Angela Wingerter
Apr. 20 Deb Hartley
Apr. 24 Whitey Jowett
Birthdays For May
May 12 Clark Clemens
May 27 Trish Thayer
Birthdays For June
June 14 Ted Zamorski
Anniversaries for January
Anniversaries for February
Anniversaries for March
Anniversaries for April
 Apr. 11 Deb & Dave Hartley
 Apr. 24 Sharon & Jim Learned
Anniversaries for May
Anniversaries for June
June 2 Mike & Betty Goldsworthy
June 17 Jim & Trish Thayer
June 27 Dave & Linda Fletcher


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